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Things To Wear

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Bacon Seeds Tee
Was: $17.98
Now: $12.87
And sadly, we've discovered planting bacon bits doesn't work...

Blue tee cleverly illustrates how some of us are simply content with fetching our food from the stores.
Shit I Don't Have Time Tee
Was: $17.98
Now: $14.97
There are only so many hours in a day, and exactly zero of those hours are worth spending on sh!t of any kind!

Profess this harsh reality by wearing this black tee outlining everything you don't have time for.
Good Old Days Tee
Was: $17.98
Now: $12.87
Back in OUR day... well, we didn't have as much to complain about as we do now.

Navy tee shares the unfortunate reality of what it's like to be a grownup and wishing for a fountain of youth.
Just Blurry Tee
Was: $16.98
Now: $12.87
"I'm sotally tober, officer!"

Navy tee offers a fresh perspective on one of the finer aspects of being spectacularly hammered.
I Don't Dial 911 Tee
Was: $19.98
Now: $17.97
You don't need to call the cavalry, because the cavalry's right here--locked and loaded!

Black tee features handgun graphic and serves as a wearable warning to others that you prefer to take safety measures into your own hands.
NASA Need My Space Tee
Was: $17.98
Now: $14.97
Whether you're a space nerd or just want folks to stay the heck away, we've got the shirt for you!

Yellow tee features a humorous, out-of-this-world take on Da Vinci's "The Vetruvian Man," perfect for space nuts and art enthusiasts alike. Caption is intentionally distressed for effect.
The Universe Tee
Was: $16.98 - $18.98
Now: $12.87 - $16.98
Our exclusive black tee proclaims a "universal" truth: that some stars just aren't as bright as the others, but it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.
John Wayne Both Hands Tee
Was: $21.98
Now: $17.87
Brown tee takes aim at the gun-control debate with an image on back of John Wayne sporting a pair of rifles and the quote, "Gun control means using both hands."

With coordinating "Duke" logo on left chest, and intentionally distressed graphics for a vintage look.
Mack Trucks Tee And Cap
Was: $18.98
Now: $17.97
For the one who's built right!

Our heather gray T-shirt features screenprint bulldog "Built Like A Mack Truck" graphic on front.

Goes great with our gray cap featuring embroidered Mack Trucks patch.
Blame Dog, Happy Faces, And Baby Brain Tees
$14.97 - $19.98
You can only blame the dog for your flatulent faux "paws" so many times before it blows up in someone's face!

Happy Faces cheerfully illustrates the merits for staying "abreast" of the latest painting techniques.

Tiny tot on this Baby Brain tee has already figured out what does most of his thinking for him.

Tees feature hilarious artwork from The Crack artist, Eric Decetis.
Donald Trump Sock Set
Was: $19.98
Now: $14.97
A salute to one of the most noteworthy Presidents in recent history!

Commander In Chief socks honor El Presidente and his iconic hairdo. Star Spangled Donald socks feature The Don's thoughtful visage against an American Flag backdrop.

Set of 2 pairs of crew socks.

Click here to see our entire Donald Trump collection!
F*ck You And F*ck This Sh!t Sock Set
Was: $19.98
Now: $14.97
Some days you wanna tell someone off as politely as you possibly can, other days, you're simply done.

Set of 2 pairs of crew socks feature "colorful" sentiments that say it all without you having to say a word.
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