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2019 U.S. Coin Digest And Standard Catalog Of United States Paper Money Book
$18.99 - $32.99
Easy-to-use color reference features professionally vetted values, complete coin listings, detailed coin images, and convenient lay-flat design for easy searching. Includes all U.S. coin issues through 2017, 11 grades of coin condition, 2000 color images, mint and proof sets, and more.

Over 1,000 color notes, essential descriptions, and real-world values provided by experts in up to 4 grades for: large and small size currency since 1861, gold and silver certificates, pre-Civil War treasury notes, error notes, and much more.

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Independence Day And 75th Anniversary D-Day Colorized Two Dollar Bills
These uncirculated U.S. $2 bills pays tribute to major historic events.

Independence Day $2 bill features beautifully colorized images from the 1976 U.S. Bicentennials Coins: Statue Of Liberty, Liberty Bell, Spirit of '76 Drummers, and Independence Hall.

D-Day $2 bill commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day with enhanced graphic overlay featuring somber images from Normandy Invasion on June 6, 1944.

Image overlays are accomplished through a revolutionary new colorization process, creating collectible works of art. Each note includes a story card and Certificate of Authenticity, and is housed within a protective blue folio.

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Donald Trump 2020 Gold Medallion And Collectible Card Set
Minted exclusively for collectors, this 24-kt. gold-plated "JFK-style" medallion is sonically sealed in an acrylic capsule, and includes display stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

Premium Trump double-sided trading cards are minted on sheets of 23-kt. gold leaf, hand sculpted to display the finest razor-sharp 3D detailing.

Slabbed and graded GEM-MINT 10 condition.

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Vietnam War Veterans Coin Set
This unique collection includes a set of 2 39mm bronze minted coins commemorating the brave men and women who fought in the Vietnam War.

One coin features a 3D custom sculpted design with the war's start date. The other features the color bar of the Vietnam Service Medal. Both coins feature American flag on reverse.

Giftboxed and includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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2019 Gold Plated Native American Dollar
The reverse design on this 2019 Sacagawea dollar highlights the invaluable contributions of Native Americans to the U.S. Space Program, featuring Cherokee engineer, Mary Golda Ross, who helped develop the Agena spacecraft for the Gemini and Apollo Programs.

This coin has been lavishly clad in 24-kt. gold, sonically sealed in an acrylic capsule, and nestled in a display box. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
National Treasure U.S. Replica Coins
Enjoy the beauty of some of America's most famous and rare coins with this unique chest of replicas!

Set of 10 tribute coins is guaranteed to include: 1795 Capped Bust Small Eagle $5 coin (the first gold coin struck by the United States Mint!), 1933 St. Gaudens Double Eagle $20 Gold Piece (the 2nd most expensive coin ever sold at auction--for $7.6 million!), a rare date Morgan Silver Dollar, and 7 additional replicas of some of America's most rare coins!

Replica gold and silver coins are clad in 24-kt. gold or silver, respectively. Mint years vary unless otherwise noted.
Korean War Colorized Two Dollar Bill
The Korean War cost millions of soldiers and civilians their lives, and set the stage for decades of tension between capitalist and communist forces.

Colorized genuine U.S. $2 bill features artwork commemorating the 3-year-long conflict, creating a collectible work of art. Bill comes displayed in a gold-foil stamped blue folio and includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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Small Coins Of The World
Each coin in this set of 12 is smaller than a United States dime!

One dozen mini coins includes currency from Poland, Brazil, Iceland, Finland, Aruba, Israel, and more, each measuring less than 16 mm in diameter.

Displayed in a vinyl protective portfolio with identifier and one Certificate of Authenticity. Mint marks and years vary.
Great White Shark Colorized Two Dollar Bill
The great white shark is the largest predatory fish on earth!

Averaging 15-ft. long, 5000 pounds, boasting up to 300 serrated teeth, and swim speeds up to 35 MPH, it's no surprise this aquatic bad*ss has no known natural predators!

Celebrate this majestic beast with a collectible work of art in the form of a crisp, uncirculated $2 bill. Comes displayed in gold-foil stamped protective blue folio with Certificate of Authenticity.
Turn Of The Century Pennies And Nickels
The coins in this collection are over 100 years old!

4-coin set includes an Indian Head Penny and Liberty Nickel from the 1800s and 1900s. Indian Head Pennies were minted from 1859-1909 and Liberty Nickels were minted from 1883-1912.

Coins arrive in a black vinyl protective folio and include one Certificate of Authenticity. Mint marks and years vary.
Living Presidents JFK Half Dollar Coin Set
Commemorative coin set pays tribute to the 5 living U.S. Presidents with stunning images and replica signatures--a must-have for collectors!

Colorized JFK half-dollar coins feature images of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, as well as the Presidential Seal.

Set of 6 coins are individually encapsulated, collectively giftboxed, and includes one Certificate of Authenticity.
Support Our Troops JFK Half Dollar Coin
$9.98 - $10.98
A thoughtful gift for active and veteran service members and their families.

Genuine JFK half-dollar features high-definition colorized American flag and yellow support ribbon on obverse with the phrase "Support Our Troops." Handsomely showcased in an acyclic coin capsule and includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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