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Wooden Treasure Chest Of Wheat Pennies
Enjoy a bounty of American history with this treasure chest filled with 25 copper wheat pennies minted from 1909-1958.

Historical set also includes BONUS 1943 steel penny, minted during the WWII copper shortage.

Both wheat and steel pennies feature Abraham Lincoln's profile on obverse with wheat stalks on reverse.

Collection housed in an antiqued handmade wooden chest accented with brass-look hardware, making it a handsome gift for historical-coin enthusiasts.

Wheat penny mint years vary.
Franklin And Jackson 1914 Federal Reserve Two Dollar Bills
The very first Federal Reserve bank notes were released over 100 years ago!

Uncirculated modern U.S. legal tender $2.00 bills have been enhanced with portraits of either Benjamin Franklin and allegorical figures representing labor, plenty, America, peace, and commerce, or Andrew Jackson and vignettes of farming and industry to commemorate the release of the first U.S. $100.00 bill.

Each collectible work of art arrives in a gold-foil stamped blue folio and includes Certificate of Authenticity.
MLB New York Yankees Gold Plated Quarter Set
Here is your chance to own a complete set of 8 gold-plated and colorized 2001 New York statehood quarters featuring the most recognized Yankee legends!

Includes Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Roger Maris, Don Mattingly, Thurman Munson, Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. An additional coin pays tribute to "The House That Ruth Built."

Coins are plated in 24-kt. gold and include a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to their legal tender status and collectibility.

A must-have for Yankees fans!
Lincoln 1914 Federal Reserve Two Dollar Bill
In 1914, the very first Federal Reserve bank notes were released.

The first $5.00 note in the series featured a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, vignettes of Columbus sighting land, and the Pilgrims landing.

Genuine legal tender U.S. $2.00 bill has undergone a unique colorization process, enhancing the historical images to create this collectible work of art.

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and blue folio for display.
A Century Of U.S. Coins
Own a century's worth of history!

Historical 10-coin set contains one coin from each decade of the 20th century--some 100+ years old, others with a unique composition, and others still that had only been minted for a short time.

You get one each: 1900s Indian Head Penny, 1910s Barber Dime, 1920s Buffalo Nickel, 1930s Mercury Dime, 1943 Steel Lincoln Penny, 1950s Washington Silver Quarter, 1960s Kennedy Half Dollar, 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar, 1980s Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and 1990s State Quarter.

Includes story card and protective folio. Mint years vary unless otherwise stated.
Apollo 11 50th Anniversary JFK Half Dollar Set
The 1969 moon landing remains among NASA's pinnacle achievements since its inception! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission with this colorized commemorative 2-coin set!

Genuine JFK half-dollar coins feature full-color imagery honoring the lunar expedition on obverse and arrive in acrylic capsules for display.

Includes one Certificate of Authenticity.
Apollo 11 50th Anniversary American Eagle Coin
The moon landing marked success for the U.S. over the then-Soviet Union in what has since been billed as the "Space Race."

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon with this stunning commemorative coin!

With full, high-definition colorization on obverse, this beautiful dollar coin arrives in a premium acrylic capsule in a felt box. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
1869 Jefferson Two Dollar Bill
In 1869, all US currency had a very unique multi-colored paper. Collectors refer to them as "rainbow" notes.

The 1869 $2.00 note features the familiar portrait of Thomas Jefferson and a vignette of the U.S. Capitol in the center.

Using an advanced technology over this modern uncirculated United States $2.00 bill, the design is enhanced to create this collectible work of art.

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and blue folio for display.
Native American Culture Coin Set
Three genuine JFK half-dollar coins have been colorized with historic symbolic art--the eagle, the bison, and the Native American.

The U.S. legal tender coins are encased in acrylic, and include one Certificate of Authenticity and small holder for display.
2019 U.S. Coin Digest
Take the guesswork out of your collection with this comprehensive U.S. coin guide!

Easy-to-use color reference features professionally vetted values, complete coin listings, detailed coin images, and convenient lay-flat design for easy searching.

Includes all U.S. coin issues through 2017, 11 grades of coin condition, 2000 color images, mint and proof sets, and more.
Lincoln 1923 Porthole Five Dollar Bill
The 1923 $5.00 bill was the first and only large-size $5.00 Silver Certificate to be printed in the 20th century.

While those notes were 50% larger than contemporary currency, this commemorative bill effectively captures the essence of the original "Porthole Note" on a modern, current-sized, uncirculated $5.00 bill with a full-colorized overlay image, complete with bold circular design surrounding Lincoln's portrait.

Each bill comes displayed in blue folio with Certificate of Authenticity.
We The People 2nd Amendment Coin
Stunning coin bears an image of an armed soldier against a colorized American Flag backdrop with the phrase "We The People" above, and "The Right To Bear Arms" below.

Reverse features image of Gadsden flag rattler with the phrase "Protect The 2nd Amendment" above and "Don't Tread On Me" below.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
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