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Serenity Prayer Two Dollar Bill And JFK Half Dollar Coin
$10.98 - $18.98
A beautiful gift for a faithful friend, a loved one in recovery, or anyone who could use reassurance on their spiritual journey.

Genuine U.S. legal tender $2 bill and Kennedy Half Dollar coin each feature the Serenity Prayer and vibrant images accomplished through a revolutionary colorization process, creating collectible works of art.

Bill comes in blue folio for display, and coin arrives in sonically sealed acrylic capsule with display stand. Each includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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POW/MIA, Wounded Warrior, And Vietnam Veteran Coins
Stunning challenge coins make beautiful gifts for military veterans and their loved ones!

POW/MIA, Wounded Warrior, and Vietnam Veteran coins feature colorized artwork on both sides, honoring those who served and sacrificed so much in the line of patriotic duty.

Buy any 2 or more, $14.98 each.

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Last Supper Colorized Two Dollar Bill
$16.98 - $17.98
Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is honored on this collectible bill augmented with full-colorized images to create a collectible work of art.

Each $2 bill is in fresh, crisp, uncirculated condition, and has been directly removed from untouched wrapped Federal Reserve sealed packs.

Comes displayed in a blue folio with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee that your bill is authentic and recognized by every monetary authority around the world, therefore assuring its collector-edition status.
Donald Trump Portrait And Two Dollar Bill
An uncirculated, genuine legal tender $2 bill enhanced by a high-definition colorization AND a collector's edition photo (complete with the President's facsimile signature) showcased in a handsome museum-quality folio.

Each limited edition piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity. A historic collectible no matter your political affiliation.

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Colorized Statehood Commemorative Quarters Album
Stunning colorized collector's album includes the complete collection of 50 statehood quarters, plus the U.S. Territories quarters and the 2009 Washington D.C. quarter.

Originally minted from 1999-2008, statehood quarters feature designs to recognize the unique qualities of each state. Each coin is in brilliant, uncirculated condition and colorized using a special ink process that enhances the beauty of the designs.

Full-color album includes one Certificate of Authenticity.
America's Colorized Dollar Bill
The Father Of The Country In Full Color!

The $1 bill is a reflection of America's early history and leadership. Own this unique collectible George Washington dollar bill, which has been transformed into a dazzling work of art through special colorizing technology.

Comes displayed in a clear vinyl sleeve with Certificate of Authenticity.
Armor Of God Coin
Collectible challenge coin features armored knight bearing a shield and sword on front, with the words, "Put on the whole armor of God" and "Ephesians 6:11."

Reverse features armor pieces and reminders of your conviction and faith.
Complete Presidential Dollar Collection
In 2007, the U.S. Mint debuted a coin collection celebrating the 20 non-living presidents of that time, each on a unique golden dollar (including Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Jefferson, and more).

These first 20 coins were issued for circulation, while the next 19 presidential coins were produced only for collectors (including Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, and more).

Few will get the opportunity to own the brilliant, uncirculated mementoes that are part of this one-of-a-kind collection.

Set of 39 coins from 2007-2016 are presented in a handsome display album complete with personal details of each president, plus history about this collection. Includes one Certificate of Authenticity.
American Eagle Colorized Two Dollar Bill
The bald eagle is a proud symbol of American strength and spirit!

A beautiful colorized image of our national bird appears with the American flag on the reverse of a genuine U.S. tender $2 bill.

Comes with clear vinyl holder and Certificate of Authenticity.
Donald Trump Historical Meetings Coin Set
Whether you agree with his tactics or not, these meetings have shaped Trump's presidency and will become part of his legacy.

Commemorate the historic meetings with Vladamir Putin and Kim Jong-un with this colorized commemorative 2-coin set. Genuine JFK half-dollar coins feature full-color imagery honoring the world leaders on obverse and arrive in acrylic capsules for display.

Includes one Certificate of Authenticity.

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Donald Trump Life And Times Coin And Card Set
$17.50 - $19.98
Pay tribute to one of the most noteworthy presidents in American history with this colorized commemorative 10-piece set of 5 coins and 5 trading cards.

New York National Parks Quarters represent POTUS's place of birth and includes acrylic capsules for display. Matching trading cards correspond to each coin image and include 2016 campaign logo & biographical information on back.

Includes one Certificate of Authenticity.

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World Trade Center Two Dollar Bill
Unique commemorative currency marks the 17th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Genuine uncirculated $2 bill has been colorized with beautiful images of the New York City skyline and the words "Never Forget". The bill is protected in a blue two-sided display folio and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
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