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Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light

A Golden Snitch from Harry Potter's wizarding world is captured inside an acrylic bell jar and illuminates (and turns off) with a touch of your hand.

Officially-licensed light is perfect for use on desk, bookshelf, or as a bedside light.
Bad Ass Mug
$11.98 - $12.98
The only thing better than being a smart @ss is being a bad @ss!

White mug features a graphic of one swanky donkey and holds your baddest beverage.
Smart WiFi Doorbell With Chime
Easy-to-install smart doorbell features built-in HD camera allowing you to see and hear who rings your doorbell--even if you're not at home!

Included free app for your Android or iOS smartphone provides 2-way communication, allowing you to speak with the visitor without them seeing you. Ultra-sensitive motion detector can also send text alerts to your smartphone if there's any motion near your door, so you can know who's approaching before they even ring the doorbell.

Install microSD card (up to 64 GB, not included) to record any movement that takes place within the detection zone which you can then access and view via the app--no monthly recording-storage fees like with other security services!

Include rechargeable batteries and charge cable or uses your current doorbell wiring setup.

Note: Camera system will not work on a 5G network.
Mockingbird Radio
Looks Great & Sounds Even Better!

Retro-style AM/FM radio and Bluetooth speaker allows you to stream digital music from your Bluetooth phone or tablet or non-Bluetooth devices via AUX input or headphone jack (cable and headphones not included).

Classically attractive design with tourmaline soft-touch vinyl frame, circular speaker grill pattern, and '50s-inspired radio dial, and is perfectly portable with built-in carry strap.
Bullseye Gun Mug
$21.50 - $24.98
The perfect mug for those who enjoy an extra "shot" in their morning brew!

Coffee mug features a gun-shaped handle and front & back target artwork complete with bullet "holes."
Do Everything With Sign
Life is short--don't be a d*ck.

Wooden sign features yellow background and black text with ink "splatter" to censor the F-bomb, making it almost appropriate for hanging up at the office.
Gross Cigarette Butt Mug
$8.98 - $9.98
The only thing worse than finding a used-up cigarette butt is finding it inside your cup o' Joe!

Mug is a great gag gift for smokers or coworkers.
Prayer Flag Garland
$12.98 - $14.98
Hang these prayer flags for peace and harmony to all sentient beings!

Traditional Tibetan fabric prayer flags are hand made and printed individually using inked, hand-carved wood blocks. Vibrant colors represent the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Infinite Space.
Terrifying Toilet Decals
Now you can literally frighten the crap out of family, roommates, and guests! Use any combination of decals to add some terror to your toilet lid and seat and let the fun begin!

Contains 6 sheets featuring a variety of full-color decals including bugs, snakes, zombies, tentacles, and more. Limited quantities.
Cannabis And Prescription Marijuana Stash Jars Set
Unique jars feature novelty "prescription label" from Dr. Mary Jane, complete with warnings and expiration info., or prominent cannabis leaf on black background.

Air-tight design with cork lid is perfect for stashing money, trinkets, or... your "stash."
Scarface Respect Beach Towel
Money. Power. Respect. Three things Tony Montana had in spades!

Towel bears the image of the infamous crime boss from Scarface.
Stoner Parking Sign
$13.98 - $14.98
Chill vibes only!

White embossed tin sign with pot-leaf graphic cleverly states non-tokers are not welcome. Perfect in den, man cave, or garage.
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