Headblade Razor

Item # 80076

Shaver Looks Like Vehicle That You "Wheel" Over Your Head For A Fast, Nick-Free Shave!

Shaving your head doesn't need to be an ordeal filled with nicks and cuts. This head razor is specifically designed to make shaving the head fast, easy, and even fun. It looks like a mini ATV vehicle (with razor blade on the back end) with a soft rubber finger grip--that you "wheel" over your head.

Such an easier, more natural motion than using a straight razor! Can also be used to shave your face and body.
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"I bought this product for my head, as well as my legs. The man in the pic has a very clean shave, and looked satisfied, so I thought I would try it. I'm so glad I did. Now my head and legs are really smooth, just like the picture!"
– Nick, Jacksonville, FL
Approx. 3"x 1.75"x 1.5".
Includes 1 blade.