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A Century Of U.S. Coins
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A Century Of U.S. Coins
Own a century's worth of history!

Historical 10-coin set contains one coin from each decade of the 20th century--some 100+ years old, others with a unique composition, and others still that had only been minted for a short time.

You get one each: 1900s Indian Head Penny, 1910s Barber Dime, 1920s Buffalo Nickel, 1930s Mercury Dime, 1943 Steel Lincoln Penny, 1950s Washington Silver Quarter, 1960s Kennedy Half Dollar, 1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar, 1980s Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and 1990s State Quarter.

Includes story card and protective folio. Mint years vary unless otherwise stated.
A Century Of U.S. Coins