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Professional Grade Hot And Cold Handheld Massager
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Professional Grade Hot And Cold Handheld Massager
Helps Relieve Stress, Ease Aches & Pains, Improve Circulation, Heal Damaged Tissue!
  • Double massage heads.
  • 5 vibration intensities.
  • Adjustable hot or cold therapy.
  • Easy-to-use digital control buttons.
  • Selected by professionals.
The only massager you'll ever need or want. Selected by physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists for body and joint pain treatment, it features double-cast aluminum massage heads and hot/cold functions to be used alone or in tandem.

You choose from 5 different vibration settings, plus multiple temperature choices for hot-stone type heat or ice cool massage.

Use heat therapy to increase blood circulation, soothe muscle discomfort, relax and increase muscle flexibility, and heal damaged tissue. Use cold therapy to help reduce inflammation or swelling, relieve joint and tendon pain, and firm/tone weary muscles on your back and buttocks.

Easy to use on legs, arms, shoulders, neck, and back. With simple digital controls and thermostat to allow automatic temperature balancing with self-protection, and a comfortable grip.
Professional Grade Hot And Cold Handheld Massager