Top Secret Alien Abduction Files Book And UFO Cow Abduction Set

According to numerous abductees, after being kidnapped by aliens, they are kidnapped again--by the government! These follow-up events in Top Secret Alien Abduction Files are the work of a powerful group hidden deep within the military and intelligence community, desperate to uncover the alien's motives.

Out of the world UFO Cow Abduction Kit contains a spaceship figure equipped with multiple lights, sounds, and a unique magnetic abduction feature; miniature cow; faux-grass mound; display stand; and an illustrated book, The Cow Abduction Chronicles.

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UFO Kit:
  • 3" diameter spaceship.
Top Secret Book:
  • Softcover.
  • 256 pages.
  • Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.
UFO Kit:
  • Ages 8+.
  • 48 pg. booklet.
UFO Kit:
  • Includes button battery.